Greening our food

Photo of a table top full of fresh vegetables, fruit, and other healthy foods.

For tackling climate change, we need major lifestyle changes. That means changing how we source and produce our food. The food we produce and buy is responsible for 60% of global nature loss. But, we personally can make efforts to source better food. Greening our food is healthy for us and the planet. Globally the… Continue reading Greening our food

COP26 falls short of target

With transport one of the biggest causes of global fossil fuel emissions, COP26 falls far short of the 1.5 degrees warming target. Nevertheless, politicians strut the stage and pronounce. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson headed back to COP26. But he had nothing to say. On heralding a move forward to Net Zero, there was… Continue reading COP26 falls short of target

Global warming threat to Aardvarks

The effects of global warming may prove counter-intuitive. A clue comes from Aardvarks in their Sub-Saharan habitats. Climate change is making conditions in the semi-arid regions of aardvark distribution hotter and drier. Yet, animals may die of cold with global warming. Perversely, that may be the global warming threat to aardvarks. Aardvarks – nocturnal animals… Continue reading Global warming threat to Aardvarks

Gambling is no way to save our bacon

Just as the vaccine was produced to save us from COVID-19, so the government hopes investment in new technology will save us from global warming. Yet, gambling is no way to save our bacon. Investment is needed to insulate our homes. The UK government’s Net Zero Strategy problem is that its own actions don’t support… Continue reading Gambling is no way to save our bacon